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Gursimran Khamba of AIB has an awesome clapback for trolls who stole his image

The comedian was on the other side of the joke when he found out someone used his picture in a matrimonial website

Arpita Kala 31 May 2017, 5:44 PM
Comedian Gursimran Khamba got his photograph used for catfishing on a matrimonial website

Comedian Gursimran Khamba got his photograph used for catfishing on a matrimonial website Image: Facebook

Comedian Gursimran Khamba aka Khamba recently faced the problem that has until now only been faced by mostly women. Yep, most of us have had our photographs on social media 'stolen' and used in the thief's fake profile. And, no, it's not flattering in the least. Khamba's image was used by unsuspecting parents of some dude who wanted to put up a matrimonial ad.

Yep, catfishing on a matrimonial website is the most Indian thing ever. Unfazed, the comedian took to his Instagram to serve a massive clapback. Check it out!


He threw major shade at the dude's marketing credentials (because, duh, why not?) and even took offence to his height being listed as 5'9 rather than 6 feet. His post opened a floodgate of catfishing stories in the comments section with a user sharing, "Once my chacha added some gori bandi on facebook and when time came to exchange pics he used to send rahul gandhi's pics...."

Oh well! Meanwhile, other very observant fans noted that Khamba has nothing to say about the earnings mentioned in the fake profile with "Why does he not say anything about the exaggerated annual package? Or is it really not exaggerated?" It seems that no one is free from catfishing. Lock your profiles, y'all.

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