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Fruits to rice: Gaurav Chopra shares his complete diet plan

The popular TV star eats healthy but won't starve to stay in shape

Debasmita Ghosh @debasmitashankr 15 June 2016, 9:31 PM
Chillin' like a boss, staying in shape

Chillin' like a boss, staying in shape

It ain't easy to stay in shape. And who better than an actor to show how you could get fitness conscious? Popular TV actor Gaurav Chopra could teach a fitness junkie a thing or two about shaping up and eating healthy.


He has always looked to his role model Milind Soman for inspiration. All praises for the 50-year-old, Chopra says, “I was studying at NIFT when Milind was the biggest model in the country, and even then he looked very athletic. I used to admire that. The way he's maintained himself, kept himself agile and, most importantly, his confidence is most admirable. He is much older than I am. He pushes himself beyond limits and succeeds every time.”


Eating healthy is always a priority for Gaurav and he shares a break-up of his diet for us:


Breakfast: Breakfast is normally fruit, poha, dry fruit, sometimes a couple of eggs with some bread. Sometimes just to break the monotony, I indulge in a parantha or a sandwich. Fruits are a constant — different flavours in different seasons. It charges you up. Most of the time, I add some coconut water in my morning meal. I think a big source of your immunity and vitamins should be the breakfast itself.


Lunch: Lunch is my heaviest meal, though I break it down into two parts, so that I don't have a heavy single meal. So it's rice — I don't have wheat for lunch anymore — with dal and some chicken maybe. Ideally it's fish, rice, dal, and about two sabzis.


Dinner: Dinner is a small affair. Just one roti, some dal and sabzi. Sometimes I replace that with a salad, a whole chicken or some fish. If I am working out for developing muscular weight, then the portion sizes of my lunch and dinner increase a bit.

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