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From #MeToo to Bolly humour: Kaneez Surka takes our really random rapid fire

We asked some really random questions to one of the funniest desi women

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 6 March 2018, 6:58 PM
T2 Interview
Kaneez gets candid

Kaneez gets candid Image: Twitter

If you follow Kaneez Surka on Twitter, you are making the right choices on the Internet. You may have bumped into her at the Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai event this Valentine's Day, or you may have seen her on Queens of Comedy, or maybe both — cuz, Kaneez is everywhere.

You can next find her on Arre Siren, a music and comedy festival, headlined by the most trailblazing women. The show will take place in Mumbai during the Women's Day weekend (March 10 and 11), where Kaneez will perform alongside names such as fellow comedians Sumukhi Suresh, Urooj Ashfaq, Grammy nominee Raja Kumari, indie band Madboy/Mink, and more. 

But for now, you can find her here, answering our totally random rapid fire questions. Read on:

Two apps you can't live without?

Instagram and Twitter (okay fine, and a really dumb game called Episodes).






Two things which need to be fixed/ changed in the Indian comedy scene.

a) We need way more female comedians so it becomes normal to see women doing comedy.
b) More content needs to be written and created by women in general — so that we get a balanced perspective on how things are in our society.

What are you watching right now?

Atypical on Netflix and Mom on Amazon Prime.






Do you have a pre-performance ritual?

Yeah I do — this sounds really lame but doing my make-up is a very calming process for me. I take my time and paint my face like it's a canvas and it calms my nerves.

Your favourite Indian comedians? 

Kanan Gill, Naveen Richard, Radhika Vaz.





This woman in Central Park ❤️@radvaz #femaledomination

A post shared by Kaneez Surka (@kaneezsurka) on



Do you get recognised by fans a lot? If yes, is it annoying?

Kind of I guess. No, it's not annoying at all.

Your thoughts on the #MeToo movement?

I'm really glad this movement exists.

Two words to describe Bollywood's sense of humour?

Slapstick, dated.

Does censorship affect your creative process? 

Me personally? No... I don't tend towards political, observational or topical humour — most of my humour is about me, and I'm not offended by me :)

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