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French philosopher's claim about Tintin will destroy your childhood

This is as twisted as it gets

Kaushani Banerjee 25 September 2017, 9:25 PM
The French philosopher thinks that the sexual identity of the cult comic book character was ambiguous

The French philosopher thinks that the sexual identity of the cult comic book character was ambiguous Image: Tintin official website

Get ready to question your entire existence. Vincent Cespedes, a French philosopher, in an utterly shocking Facebook post has claimed that our beloved comic book character Tintin is not a boy and is, in fact, a girl and probably asexual. Everyone knows Tintin was created in 1929 by the Belgian comic-book author Georges Remi, who under the pen name Herge, wrote The Adventures of Tintin, a series of 24 books featuring the hero and his dog Snowy.

Tintin comics
Image: Georges Gobet/AFP

Tintin is a cult character and besides the book, he is deeply embedded in pop culture in forms of movies, fanfiction, etc. Cespedes's claims about Tintin were based on his readings with his own children. The 44-year-old observed that there were several instances where Tintin dresses in skirts or other items of female clothing.

Tintin comics
Image: Official website

To illustrate his point he wrote ,"For His Creator, tintin was always a young girl. A redheaded redhead with blue eyes, and probably asexuelle. Well, all right, this doesn't really show up in the albums: her eyes don't have colors or eyelashes, she doesn't have breasts and wears male outfits.(Sic)" The philosoper went on to add that "the most cherished of the tintinophilies [Tintin fans], from the philosopher Jean-Luc Marion to the filmmaker Steven Spielberg have not even detected it."

How long before they tell us Snowy is a cat? Read Cespedes's full post below:


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