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Freckle tattoos is the most legit beauty trend you have heard of in recent times

At a time when people are embracing body positivity and natural beauty, accepting different skin conditions and not hiding them, is also a norm

Nanda Das @nanda1das 7 July 2018, 2:52 PM
How about getting freckle-d?

How about getting freckle-d? Image: Thinkstock

Call it a Meghan Markle effect, or blame it on crazy beauty trends, freckle tattoos are a thing now. And this new style statement comes at a time when a lot is being said and written about how millennials are embracing various skin conditions instead of concealing them with make-up.

Thanks to this wave of change, those who don't even have freckles are getting them inked on their face to show their solidarity towards those suffering from such skin conditions. And now, it's become a rage. 

The tattoo service takes around an hour to complete with the results lasting up to two to three years. 

In a couple of months, the colour will soften dramatically and look more natural. They will fade naturally with time, and if you wish to keep them you can always get the colour boosted whenever you like. 

Take a look at the video to see the procedure

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