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Forget friendship bands, get some cool tattoos with your BFF

Wanna make this Friendship's Day special for your bestie? We give you the perfect idea

Arpita Kala 5 August 2017, 7:27 PM
Here are some cool ink ideas to make this Friendship's Day super special

Here are some cool ink ideas to make this Friendship's Day super special Image: Pinterest

From late night conversations to thrift shopping sprees, if you can't imagine doing anything without your BFF, then a simple friendship band isn't going to cut it this Friendship's Day. It's time to show the world your bond with gorgeous body art. Nope, we aren't talking about the usual sun and moon bestie tattoos. Here are some artsy designs that you can get inked with your bestie:

Pinky promises

From remaining tight-lipped about your crushes to always having your back, if your bestie always stays true to you, you can honour the bond with this design.



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Birds of a feather gossip together

Joined at the hip is a stretch, but if you are one of those BFFs who can't go a day without speaking to each other, this one is just right for y'all.



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Foodie friends

Nothing mends fences between people faster than sharing a slice of pizza. So, an ode to the cheesy goodness seems right up the alley for you and your foodie friend.



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Squad goals

Whoever said three is a crowd probably never heard of the three musketeers. A stratetigically placed tiny heart tatttoo is perfect for gorgeous Instagram clicks as well as for your squad.



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Out of this world besties

For a bestie that really gets you and doesn't judge, no matter how weird you get, a unicorn tat is just right to signify your friendship. It's fun, colourful and out of this world.



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