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Five epic fashion fails that we saw in the first half of this year. Thanks, but no thanks

Not everything that shines is gold

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 6 June 2018, 5:35 PM
Brace yourselves for you are about to witness... errm, just go watch

Brace yourselves for you are about to witness... errm, just go watch Image: THINKSTOCK

1. Foam Platforms: When iconic Spanish brand Balenciaga introduced the re-imagined Croc sandals for Spring/Summer 18, fashion lovers snubbed the attempt as a certified disaster. The embellished rubber sandals with 10cm platform didn't make any sense on runway models, and the bubble gum colours didn't impress anyone.

2. Thong jeans: Some fashionistas decide to bare it all with these shreds that were being sold as thong jeans. These pants with extreme cuts were not only a dreadful idea but would burn a hole in the pocket right away. Who in their right minds would shell out $168 (approx Rs 11,200) to buy this naked pair of denim? We don't know.

3. Toe shoes: Whoever thought of these creepy looking webbed shoes must have a dark sense of humour. The hideous looking toe shoes were launched as part of the athleisure movement by various sports brands, but alas nobody bought the idea. 

4. Monkey caps: The funniest looking headgear launched by Calvin Klein that resembled a monkey cap, got snubbed for being too geeky and ugly. 

5. Lungi skirt: Fashion brand Zara decided to sell a lungi-style skirt for $89.9 (Rs 5,728), and got a cold-shoulder from fashion lovers for culture appropriation. Described as a check mini skirt and a flowing skirt with draped detail in the front, the brand tried to dupe Indian buyers but got a nasty feedback in return. Oops! 

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