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FIFA fans, you can now bet on which team is going to win and get free beer at this Mumbai cafe

Have we got your attention? Well, here's the deal

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 16 June 2018, 2:55 PM
What? Hold my beer, quite literally, dude!

What? Hold my beer, quite literally, dude! Image: Thinkstock

All FIFA fans in the house, wadduupppppp? Damn, you guys are excited about the football frenzy that has taken over the world. For a month, people are going to religiously dedicate a chunk of their lives to the rooting extravaganza for their fave teams. People have their official betting game on, the friendly kind with their friends, over which team is going to win that day.

And all that rooting and betting feels extra special when you have a beer in your hand. But what if that beer was free?

What if we told you that you can bet on who's going to win and stand a chance to win free beer and some cool merchandise? The Beer Cafe's Bet My Tap campaign is bringing you just that.

The rules are pretty darn simple, and you can play it on their app or at their outlets all across India (except the one at Mumbai's International Airport outlet). 

So, what do you have to do? Log on to the app before every match (they even send you notifications). You have to bet to win free brew miles or free beer. When you see the list of matches of the day on your screen, choose it and bet on three questions — which team will win, total goals in the match, player of the match. 

Bet My Tap in App

Bet My Tap in App

Now remember, the start time is mentioned there, so if you start betting before the match is about to start, you straightaway get 50 brew miles.

The bet will freeze after 30 minutes of the match and cannot be changed. The app server will randomly pick winners after the match is over – those who have given all 3 correct answers. The winners will be rewarded with free beer in their URBAR.

That was about the app. If you are present at the outlet, rules are a little different. You can request a form from the beer crew, and you only have to answer two questions there – which team will win and total goals scored in the match.

You'll have to submit the form within 30 mins of the match's start time. After the match is over, if you have answered all the questions correctly, you'll go home with a free beer mug.

Bet My Tap in store

Bet My Tap in store

Remember, it's one form per person, and betting once decided, cannot be changed.

How cool is that? We say, VERY! You can play this game every day as well — both in the store and on the app — simultaneously, too.


Clink! GIF: Giphy

Oh, and while you are at it, if you happen to stumble upon their exceptionally cool mugs like the Football Beer Tower, Golden Boot or Golden Ball, and wish to own them, you can check them out on Beerosphere's online store, too.

All things beer, huh! We like it. Let the FIFA fever begin. Oh wait, it has already begun. So which team are you rooting for?

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