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Fan girl lists top 7 tracks of B-day boy Mraz

Even as Mr. A-Z celebrates his 39th birthday today, a diehard fan lists her all-time favourite hits of this deadly singer and master wordsmith

Aishwarya Chatterjee 23 June 2016, 11:24 PM
Happy Birthday, Jason Mraz

Happy Birthday, Jason Mraz Getty

From strumming his guitar inside a San Diego coffee shop to swaying the audience off their feet at the Grammy Awards, it’s been a long journey for singer-songwriter Mr. A-Z  (aka Jason Thomas Mraz), who celebrates his 39th birthday today. Aishwarya Chatterjee, a diehard fan of this master wordsmith tells you how he taught her to ‘love someone’, enjoy a ‘long drive’ and ‘live in the moment’ through these top seven tracks. Forget the wordplay, here, just give it a listen...

1. Butterfly

With lyrics that read:

“I'm taking a moment just imagining that I’m dancing with you
I’m your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes
You got soul, you know what to do to turn me on
Until I write a song about you”

This one is bound to catch one’s attention. Give it a listen to know what song he wrote about her. *wink*

2. I’m yours

The title says it all. But don’t skip this one.

3. Lucky

Now, this track might have been highlighted by the TV series GLEE, but you have to give credit to the man for having made such an amazing rendition *swoons*

4. Long Drive

The song goes somewhat like:  

“Long drive, long night
The best night of my life,
With you riding, your hand on my hand...”

What next? Give it a listen right away! You can pull over and say you took the long way)

5. Beautiful Mess

I can relate to this song so well. For everyone who thinks they have made a mess out of their lives. I give you this!

6. The women I love

Oh. How i wish to be one of them *sigh*

7. I won't give up

For anyone who needs motivation to hold onto your loved ones, this is it! Your new anthem. Thank me later.

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