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Fake or fad: Would you buy Hot Dog Water for 2.5k if it helped you lose weight?

This man is busting myths about marketing gimmicks regarding weight-loss products

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 26 June 2018, 3:22 PM
Things that advertising and marketing make us do!

Things that advertising and marketing make us do! Image: Twitter

Vancouver's Car Free Day festival saw a new product selling like hot cake. They were bottles of a specially formulated Keto-friendly water that promised to help you lose weight, improve your brain function and make you look younger.

The packaging was simple — transparent bottles labelled the product as it is, hot dog water, with a sausage suspended inside the bottle. And like most weight-loss products, it did not come cheap. Yet, people flocked around to get their hands on this revolutionary product and were ready to pay $38 (approx Rs 2,500 per bottle) for it. The problem, however, was that no one really spent a moment to read the fine print on the bottle.

As per reports in Global News, Douglas Bevans, who was present at the stall selling the bottles in the capacity of the Hot Dog Water CEO, is actually a tour operator and an artist. He came up with this concept, a social experiment of sorts, after he saw the lengths 'snake oil salesmen' would go to market their product. Which is why the fine print on the bottle warned that the drink was meant to "encourage critical thinking related to product marketing."

Bevans was determined to prove that scientific research means nothing and people can be duped by simple marketing gimmicks. He said this stunt was "a commentary on product marketing, and especially sort of health-quackery product marketing" as per the report. 

Of course, it becomes easier to fool consumers in the name of weight loss, because no matter what size, shape or age one is, people are usually always unhappy with their bodies. The message that Bevans wants to spread is simple and hard-hitting — the next time you feel the urge to fall for a health fad, be sure to use your common sense. And guys, for the umpteenth time, there is no water, no magic potion that makes you lose weight instantly. It's a painstaking process involving a lot of hard work. 

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