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Every Delhi University kid must have binged on Maggi like Nimrat Kaur did

Nimrat recollects how she used to binge on instant noodles in between lectures at a makeshift stall near her college

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 9 May 2018, 5:09 PM
Nimrat's favourite memories from her college days are related to food

Nimrat's favourite memories from her college days are related to food Image: Fotocorp

Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar, bas Maagi, chhole kulche, pyaar. This is exactly what every Delhi University (DU) student feels. Pyaar in DU is Maggi. Be it chilling after hours, or a break-up, or an intense discussion — a lot can happen over a platter of Maggi, and who better than DU kids to testify to it?

Irfan Chacha's stall near Shri Ram College of Commerce's (SRCC) football ground is one such spot. And Lunchbox actor Nimrat Kaur couldn't agree more. An ex-SRCC student, Nimrat spent most of her time at chacha's Maggi corner.

"My favourite memories from college days are related to food. I graduated from SRCC, and there was at that time a small stall near the football field, run by Irfan chacha. We used to go and sit there, and he used to make the most delicious Maggi I’ve had till date," Nimrat was quoted telling Hindustan Times. 

Nimrat recollects how she would go to chacha's stall in between lectures and binge on Maggi. The actor graduated in 2003, and till date, she isn't done with the noodles served there.

"We would often go there between lectures, and that’s something that I will always remember. I did go back there as a chief guest, and it was great to be there in that capacity. I went back to Irfan chacha, sat there for a while and ate some food – though it wasn’t Maggi," she told the daily.

Nimrat's love for Maggi is pretty relatable, especially if you are a DU student, isn't it?

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