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Embellished eyelashes are the latest OTT beauty trend

This trend is currently setting social media on fire

Nanda Das @nanda1das 12 July 2018, 3:30 PM
Would you wear these embellished eyelashes to the next party?

Would you wear these embellished eyelashes to the next party? Image:THINKSTOCK

Get over those fake eyelashes already. It's so 2008. Now, make your eye make-up dramatic and cool at the same time with embellished eyelashes. Yes, there's jewellery for your lashes, too! Right after the crystal lip art trend caught on, bejewelled lashes have become the current rage with a lot of makeup artistes giving in to this OTT trend internationally. 

These embellishments are available in the form of feathers, disco glitter, unicorns, and even gumball puffs. You can even add the perfect twist to festive makeup for the upcoming season by including these in your makeup kitty.

Manufacturers and beauty experts say searches for embellished eyelashes have surged by 20 per cent on various beauty websites. They also believe this trend is going to stay for some time. Give it a shot, we say. Here's some inspo to get you going.

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