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Embarassed of your smelly feet? Here's how to handle it like a pro

Experts at The Body Shop tell you how to combat this social faux pas like a boss

Arpita Kala 15 July 2017, 7:24 PM
Don't let smelly feet bring you down, here's help.

Don't let smelly feet bring you down, here's help. Image: Thinkstock

'Weapons of nasal destruction' or 'stink bomb' — if these are the terms your friends are using to describe your stinky shoes, it's time to take stock of the situation. And in times like these, no amount of pedicures or even sunning your footwear provide relief. "Muddy and soiled feet are common nuisance during monsoon season. These can not only make our feet smelly but can be a cause of fungal infections and allergies," says Shikhee Agrawal, head training, The Body Shop. So, don't let the season cost you your social life, here are some expert-approved tips to deal with it:

Keep clean and dry

A tall order during this season, but try and avoid the rain as much as you can. But, if you do end up getting your feet dirty, make sure to wash up with an anti-bacterial soap. Then, dry your feet with a towel and remove all the moisture to get absolutely happy feet.

Exfoliate, exfoliate

If you have been putting off your pedicure sessions, grab a pumice stone or foot scrubber and get started at home. Agrawal says, "All you need to do is dip your feet in lukewarm water, add some foot soak or a mild shampoo. Remove your foot after 5-10 minutes and scrub it followed by a gentle rub with a pumice stone. Wash your feet with regular water, towel dry it and you are good to go."

Massage well

Just like your face, your foot also demands some extra care, especially during monsoons. Apply a good moisturiser that works effectively on hard skin and helps keep the heels soft and smooth.

Nail the issue

Another thing to remember during the monsoon season is to keep your nails short. It will prevent the dust and dirt from getting collected under your nails, which may be a cause of fungal infections.

Choose The Right Footwear

Ditch your high heels and covered footwear for flip flops, slippers or other open foot wear. In such footwear, the water gets easily washed out, evaporating quickly and making your feet dry.

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