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Ed Sheeran fans, your fave music video tops all desi charts

Shape of You turns out to be the most-watched video on desi turf. Check it out

T2 Online Newsdesk 5 August 2017, 5:53 PM
Sheeran makes it on desi shores

Sheeran makes it on desi shores Image: AFP

Be it the awe of watching everyone's favourite Brit singer pull boxing moves or just the sick beat of the song, but Ed Sheeran's Shape of you has snagged the spot of being the most watched international video on YouTube in India. Tbh, we aren't surprised in the least. After all, the music video inspired many a musical minds here with bagpiper Archy J to IIT students and even Orissa tourism presenting their take on the track.

The song, which released in January, also has a huge number of covers on the video sharing website. "We knew we had a hit the day the song was released. It's appeal is universal as can be seen by the multitude of covers in various Indian styles and languages. We're extremely proud to say India has made this song its own," said Arjun Sankalia, director of International Music and Publishing at Sony Music Entertainment India. Now, the wait is on for the video to hit 300 million views by the end of this year.

With the Grammy-winning singer all set to touch down in India for his concert on November 19 at Mumbai's JioGarden in Bandra Kurla Complex, it's not hard to imagine what encore will be the most requested by the concert-goers.

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