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Eat your way to fitness: 10 foods that help you lose weight

Yes, eating can also help you lose weight. Here are a few items you were planning to throw off your plate that can actually help you fight the flab

Suchayan Mandal 16 March 2018, 8:08 PM
Foodies, chill — eating isn't a crime

Foodies, chill — eating isn't a crime Image: Twitter

Eating is not always unhealthy. Eating right is the key. Or so says Delhi-based nutritionist Mallika Shah. "If you want to lose weight, you have to eat right,” says Shah, nutritionist at Adam’s Clinic, who, in her 15-year-long career, has helped many eminent personalities lose weight.

"You have to calculate what you eat, and count how many calories you burn. One of the best ways to cut flab is to check on what you eat. You might be working out really hard, but if you skip on healthy meals, you are surely not losing weight," says Shah.

So what do you need to pile up on your plate? Shah suggests the inclusion of the following 10 food items in your daily meals to aid weight loss.



"Of course, don't go for paranthas made from radish, but add this to your everyday salad. Packed with potassium, folic acid, antioxidants and sulphur compounds, radish is a great way to keep yourself full with low calorie," says Shah.



Cauliflower pakoda may be tasty, but not suggested for someone trying to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating cauliflower altogether. "Cauliflower is rich in phytonutrient, a natural chemical that helps prevent diseases and keeps your body working properly. Also, they are great sources of vitamin C and folate," adds Shah.



No prizes for guessing why Popeye is so slim. These tender leaves are rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin K. This vitamin is found only in a handful of foods, and spinach is one of them. You can also add spinach to your regular chicken and cottage cheese, if you aren’t fond of palak paneer and palak chicken.



"Broccoli is rich in fibre and calcium. Add broccoli to your breakfast salad and it will keep you full," says Shah.

Green peppers


Popularly called capsicum, this one contains 92 per cent water. Capsicums, packed with antioxidants, help you lose weight.



“When choosing your diet, you need to focus on things that are rich in antioxidants. Cabbage is a rich source of antioxidant yet low in calories. Hundred grams of cabbage has just seven calories. So when you eat half a cabbage in your salad, it’s a little more than 18 calories. It keeps you full for long and kills your hunger for snacks,” Shah says.



This may be a summer food, but you need to have it round the year. It contains 96.7 per cent water and makes you feel full. That’s one of the easiest hacks to keep you away from finger food. When the rest of the office munches on potato chips and French fries, eat one full cucumber before the junk food arrives. You'll be full.



It may look like a love child of melon and orange, but pomello is a powerhouse of nutrition if you are serious about losing weight. "It’s a super food. Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, pectin — this fruit contains everything. Moreover, the Indian variants are mostly pink inside and contain vitamin A and lycopene," says Shah. You can either make fresh juice or have it as a salad.



Lettuce, low in calorie and rich in Vitamin E, will keep your digestive system happy and help your skin glow. Also, lettuce is rich in Vitamin B, folic acid and manganese. Whatever salad you have throughout the day, just add a good measure of lettuce to it.



While you eat all these, make sure you drink as much water as you can. There is no good weight loss power booster than water. Seasonal fruits and veggies combined with ample liters of water will help you lose weight faster than everything. "Drink a litre of water before you start your day — this helps in faster metabolism. And throughout the day, don’t forget to gulp at least four litres of water," says Shah.

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