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Your definitive guide to drinking in college

You. Are. Welcome

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 17 May 2018, 5:52 PM
We know this was you last Friday

We know this was you last Friday Image: Thinkstock

So, you think you know how to drink? Be that as it may, survivor tips only help you booze better. If you're in college, chances are you have binge-drinking plans for the weekend, or regular drinking plans, which will turn into binge sessions, despite your best intentions. So, if you're going to do it, do it well.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 3 out of 5 students drink in college, and 39 per cent of students between the ages of 18 and 22 binge-drink. Those numbers went up as we speak because the world is a mess. Just look up the Karnataka elections.

So, clearly, you need alcohol and a manual to handle the said alcohol. Grab a pen.


Warm up to day drinking

Cuz, college. Also, you can't afford to have a nasty 11 am-hangover, because the last time we checked, attendance was still a bi**h.

Don't shy away from good booze

We know they are expensive, and we don't recommend bingeing on cognac or Dalmore 62. But once every month, pool in some money for the good booze. Maybe some blended Johnny Walker or the really good wine, the ones that have a cap limit even in open bars. By the time you finish graduation, you'll be a very worldly 22-year-old. The world still won't make sense, but your alcohol will.

Get used to warm beer

We. Know. It. Sucks. But when you're in college and you have to sneak beer in and out, that too in backpacks, chilled beer is not an option. You will learn it the hard way anyway. But know that you're not alone in this struggle.


Try drinking outside

No, not on the Dean's roof or the college grounds. But somewhere safer, because the air does you good, especially if you're not used to binge-drinking. Which you probably aren't (because full disclosure, very few people are).

Always drink slow

This applies to your post-college life too. Alcohol buzz takes roughly 30 minutes to kick in, so don't down shots every 5-7 minutes.

Know your limits

We should have started with this. Anyway, always know when you need to stop. Yes, this comes with practice, so, we guess you have to drink up to know how much you can handle. It's a vicious circle, eh?

Don't brown-paper it up

Seriously, that shit is so '90s. And not in the good way.


Switch to club soda

Ditch the soft drinks to mix the alcohol, and switch to club soda. It's low on calories, and always tastes fresher.

Carb up before going out

The wisest thing you can do is order a pizza before you go out to drink. Or something equally good, which you'll want to eat enough of.

Never. Ever. Take. Your. Car

Always Uber. In which case, you can't get too drunk because you have to work your way through the app. Plus, you have to explain your pick-up location to drivers. Which alone should make you quit drinking.


Never diss the sober friend

The sober one is your driver, your watch, your alarm clock for the next day, your drunk menu and your food (since they will perhaps do all the ordering). This goes as a thumb rule: Always be nice to the sober one from your squad. And actively keep them away from drinking.

Your parents know

Honestly, they do. But never call them up after 4 beers just to check.

Say no to beer cans

They are the worst. You'll see.


The drunk sim

Okay, this one is for the drunk-diallers. And hear us out before you laugh it away. Keep a sim handy for your night outs when you're planning to get drunk. It can have your emergency contacts and the food apps, but not your ex's number(s). Remember, if it can happen to Drake, it can happen to you. 

Stack up on instant coffees in your room

You know why. 

As for the games...

The only acceptable drinking game-booze is light beer. You can put them in shot glasses if you want but never play with vodka. Hollywood has lied to you.


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