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Dressing for an interview? Let Harvey Specter or Don Draper be your guide

Forget the jeans and tees combo, a corporate interview means all business

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 9 June 2018, 2:23 PM
Dress to kill

Dress to kill Image: Intagram/Suits

Millennials can live in that one pair of jeans, and yes, we get it. But alas, college is over and it is time to step into the big bad corporate world. And your denims aren't going to help you there. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in a corporate job interview, dress like it, too. If that means a pencil skirt or a seven-fold broad tie, so be it. 

But before you let it daunt you, take a look at some of your favourite characters. You're already taking life lessons from them, why not fashion, too? We give you five looks to ace that interview, all inspired by men and women of our binge-dreams. Take notes.

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Elizabeth McCord, Madam Secretary

This former CIA agent is a badass and she lets her sense of fashion speak for her badassery. Elizabeth McCord has a penchant for bow-tie blouses and well-fitted suits, and she strikes a balance between an androgynous wardrobe and a frilly, ultra-feminine one. Mix and match, anyone?


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Claire Underwood, House of Cards

Claire, with her ice-blonde crop, a creaseless blue shirt tucked into a pencil skirt or a dress that sculpts her lithe figure (and who can forget those pointy Louis Vuitton pumps) is a role model for women in the corporate world. After all, you dress for the job you want, not the one you have, right?

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Don Draper, Mad Men

Whoever said clothes exuded confidence was obviously talking about Don Draper. Don pairs rich brown, grey or blue suits with a crisp white shirt and a skinny necktie, which even Hurricane Katrina wouldn't be able to blow away. And we can say the same about his amply gelled hair.

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Harvey Specter, Suits

Dress like a Man 101 by Harvey Specter was a lesson that Mike Ross was taught very early on in Suits and it was not for nothing. If Don's style is dark, Specter’s is more flirty, James Bond-like. A tuxedo, a seven-fold broad tie, a pocket square and a pair of shiny Oxfords maketh the Specter.

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Joan Harris, Mad Men
No one wears their skin as confidently and comfortably as Joan does. She is not your regular skinny girl, she is voluptuous, and she doesn't mind flaunting her hour-glass figure in a bodycon. Paired with a neatly tied French bun, blushed cheeks and plum lips, Joan makes heads turn.

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