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Don't freak out but The Strokes are definitely reuniting for a secret gig on their 20th anniversary

There has literally been one tweet about it

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 7 July 2018, 1:37 PM
The Strokes are playing games

The Strokes are playing games Image: Facebook/ The Strokes

The Strokes are secretly coming back for a super secret gig, and it's a total secret, which will see them performing under their secret name Venison. And it's all just a secret okay? Ssshhhh.

Also, this is their 20th anniversary. But be chill about it, okay?

The American rock band, which is easily one of the best bands of this century, is coming back for a gig in London. The thing about The Strokes is that they never really broke up. The five-member band was formed in 1998 and went on to become a 2000 staple.

In late 2006, after a long US tour, the band announced it would be taking an extensive break, and after a hiatus band frontman Julian Casablancas and guitarist Nick Valensi started writing new material in 2009.

That same year, they announced the conclusion of their 'hibernation period', and released their fourth studio album Angles in 2011. 

In 2013, Casablancas formed his own band The Voidz, and released an album in 2014. In 2017 Valensi said that The Strokes were "slowly but surely working on an album, we’re kind of just in writing sessions."

But fans never really got any closure when it came to The Strokes, mainly because they are so confused about what is going on. Casablancas's new band was not a hit and was very far removed from his earlier work, and his fans obviously wanted him performing with The Strokes.

A London joint named Dingwalls tweeted recently that the band called Venison will be performing a special one-off gig on July 7 at their venue. The Strokes fans would know that in 2010, The Strokes performed a reunion gig, under the secret band named Venison at Hyde Park.

Plus, Dingwalls also used the hashtags of some of The Strokes songs such as Last Night and New York City Cops. "Venison return for a very special one off London show, this is first come first served for tickets. Tickets will be available Saturday 7th July at Dingwalls between the hours of midday and 2pm. Max purchase of 8 tickets per person, #newyorkcitycops #venison #lastnight #secret," they tweeted.

Fans immediately reacted to the news, especially since this is their anniversary year. And also because The Strokes are exactly like that one person you want, but they will just never stop playing you.

But you still respond to their texts at 3am.

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