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DNA braids are the hottest hair trend on Instagram right now. Try it out

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Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 21 July 2018, 1:28 PM
Twist and rock: DNA braids are here to amp up your monsoon

Twist and rock: DNA braids are here to amp up your monsoon Image: Instagram

Long hair in the monsoon? No problem. This is the right time to twine your hair locks and create DNA braids. There are numerous ways to style your hair and create interesting looks and, this season, mesmerising DNA braids are taking over Instagram in the beauty department.

As the name suggests, these braids are created by twisting the hair into a double helix, which will remind you of a DNA structure. Quite creative, isn't it? There are various tutorials on the Internet to show you how to make these braids without tangling your hair, so if you are already excited to try it on, check out the videos.

According to Alexandra Wilson, a hairstylist from Rhode Island, who is credited for making this trend popular on Instagram, DNA hair braids look even more interesting on coloured hair. The tutorial on her Instagram reads, "Starting off with 3 strands (the middle one being smaller) then the others as that will be a stationary strand. When taking a strand from the left side you are going over that section, under the middle and adding to right side then taking a small section from the right side is then brought under and then over the middle section and added to the left section. Make sure you are being consistent with that pattern, the braid naturally starts to twist towards left as you go down so you have to keep it tight while braiding or else it will become more difficult. Small sections are always better, they make the braid look more intricate. (SIC)"

If you are already convinced about trying out DNA braids for your next outing, we suggest you take a look at these styles and creative ideas to get some instant inspiration.

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