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Set your DIY tipsy menu: Bar star Bhuvan Narang tells you how

Stir up some chatpata spicy cocktails for your Diwali shindig this weekend. Let Bhuvan Narang, cocktail expert and co-owner of The Little Door, guide you

Anannya Chatterjee 29 October 2016, 6:27 PM

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Bored of the same old Mojito? Yup, so are we. So if you're planning a hipster night at home, thanks to Halloween + Diwali, you've got help to set the perfect bar menu that might just be your party starter.

Ditch the boring, says Bhuvang Narang, co-founder and owner at The Little Door Mumbai. You could trust him because he's the same guy who started the muti-genre music festival, The Lost Party. After an MBA from MICA, Ahmedabad, Bhuvan started chasing his dreams of changing the music scene to give it a hipper, more happening vibe. His love for music and food led him to become a restaurateur and own a music festival. Surely, he'd know a thing or two about getting a party started.

Bhuvan Narang
Bhuvan Narang (Image: Facebook)

Bhuvan shares some signature spicy cocktail recipes and a twisted take on Long Island. And they're easy enough to shake up and serve at home. Time to roll up your sleeves and don the bartender apron, we say.

Whiske-d Apple:



  • 20ml apple juice

  • dash of green apple syrup

  • Dash of maple spice syrup

  • 60ml Assam tea,

  • 60ml whisky

  • Fresh apple chunks

  • Cloves

  • Cinnamon

Method: In a Boston shaker, muddle fresh apple chunks, cloves and cinnamon. Then add apple juice, green apple syrup, maple spice syrup, Assam tea and whisky. Shake with ice then strain into a rock glass. Garnish with an apple slice.

Pataka Cooler:



  • Fresh cucumber chunks

  • Melon syrup

  • Basil leaves

  • Ice cubes

  • Dash of lime juice

  • 60 ml of vodka

Method: Blend together cucumber chunks, Melon syrup, Basil leaves, ice cubes, lime juice and vodka. Serve frozen in a martini glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice.

Mad Island Iced Tea:

(Image: Thinkstock)



30ml vanilla vodka

30 ml spiced rum

30 ml gin

30ml tequila gold

15ml Cointreau

5ml lime juice

5ml sugar syrup

60ml thums up

A pinch of rock salt and top up ice

Method: Mix it up all. Shake. Your drink is ready.

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