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Diwali guide: How to eat right and survive the festive season

Here's all you need to know to enjoy a guilt-free Diwali

Kaushani Banerjee 18 October 2017, 10:49 PM
A festival is incomplete without sweets and jaggery and Diwali is no exception

A festival is incomplete without sweets and jaggery and Diwali is no exception Image: YouTube/Eros Now

Laddoos and kaju katlis are synonymous to Diwali. Food is a major aspect of any Indian festival and Diwali is no exception. People exchange sweets and family meals are often elaborate including a variety of fried snacks and savories. With all the binge-eating and ghee-infused diet, we end up feeling bloated at the end of the holidays. Senior nutritionist and wellness consultant at Healthians, Saumya Shatakshi, shares a few tips to celebrate Diwali without compromising on health:

Sugar rush

Replace sugar in sweets with jaggery, honey, dates and stevia (natural sweetner) and opt for home cooked sweets like kheer, use double toned milk, stevia and low fat options. Ditch the motichoor ladoo and gulab jamuns and go for besan laddu , milk sweets, sponge rasgulla by squeezing the extra sugar syrup. Cut down on processed foods and switch to healthy options like fresh fruits, soups, salads  and hummus dips. For finger snacks use an Airfryer or sauté rather than deep frying. Balance cooking by baking, grilling or steaming instead of deep frying.



Stay hydrated

The thumb rule is to stay hydrated during festive season. Try to drink enough  water  which will also help to flush out the toxins from the body. Control alcohol consumption: If you do drink, try to avoid sugary mixers such as soft drink sodas, tonic water, canned juices (unless it is freshly squeezed). Limit the number of drinks you take, because each drink is accompanied with as many snacks hence adding additional calories.  Say no to carbonated drinks. Rather opt for fresh juices.


Snack right

Pay attention to your snacks: Eat a bowl of fruit so that appetite decreases before your drink. Sprouts, roasted chana’s can be used as a snack instead of fried foods. Snack on fresh fruits, unsalted nuts and seeds and fresh dried fruits.



Party guide

Before stepping out for a party, brush your teeth. This is a magic tip that works wonder as you will not grab much there after. Before leaving for a get together or party try to eat a light snack in order to curb your appetite. The snacking could be grilled veggies, salads, buttermilk, fresh lime, roasted makhaana etc. Plan your serving size to avoid overeating.



The morning after

Detox yourself after the festive season so as to get rid from bloating and the extra inches you have gained. After the big Diwali night, make sure that next day morning breakfast is fruit based. Have a mix fruit bowl or smoothie to avoid bloating.



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