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What's keeping Rocky S from Indian fashion weeks?

Rocky S, who is all set to showcase his new collection at London Fashion Week, on his dreams of taking his label global

Anannya Chatterjee 14 September 2016, 8:24 PM
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Rocky S is always up for new challenges

Rocky S is always up for new challenges

Designer Rocky S needs no introduction. He's always been known for his red carpet take on Indian fashion, what with his many Bollywood friends flaunting his couture at talked-about dos. The designer is now all set to showcase at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. Needless to mention, he's kicked about it.

Incidentally, though, Rocky has been keeping away from Indian fashion weeks for a while now, and focusing more intently on the international fashion scene. Ask him if that's a conscious move, and he says it's a dream that he's choosing to follow at the moment. "Currently, I am making the most of new opportunities that come my way. I'm happy to say it has contributed to my learning process as a creative person. It has always been a dream to take my brand global, which is what I am slowly working towards at the moment. But the Indian runways are home. It will always be special, as it gave me a platform to showcase my creativity and establish me as a designer in the industry. Having said that, I love to explore, push boundaries and try new things," he clarifies.

The inspiration for his collection 'Shringara' comes from Indian handicrafts and prints. "I love finding interesting ways to combine Indian techniques with western styles, and Shringara is a beautiful amalgamation of both," says Rocky S. Here's a glimpse of what's to come at London Fashion Week.

Rocky S

Rocky has been planning and preparing to do it differently at London Fashion Week. "Every show I do is special, and while each show is different, the way I prepare for them is the same. I spend a good amount of time researching, developing and experimenting samples before the final concept is decided and executed on the ramp," he tells us.

Rocky S

You wonder if there will be a Bollywood showstopper, and the celebrity designer proves your doubts wrong. "However, if am lucky enough to showcase next season, I will be open to having a celebrity. But, this season, the clothes are going to be the hero," he says.

Rocky S

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