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Dealing daily with skincare struggles? Tweeple are saying 'It Me'

Aaahh, that daily beauty regimen is killer, don’t you think?

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 8 April 2018, 7:02 PM
Raise your hands if you can relate

Raise your hands if you can relate Image: UTV Motion Pictures

Our skin is no less than a baby. We have to constantly tend to it to keep it healthy. Aargghh! But you know that feeling when you don’t want to do anything but just lie down and vegetate through the day? Of course, you’d know. On those days, can you muster up the energy to take care of your skin and follow all that toning-cleansing-spot treatment shindig? Umm, no!

So, the good people of Twitter (read women) started sharing their daily struggle with skincare, and things got real.

From the woes of moisturisation to make-up removal, ladies said ‘it me’ with their tweets. And, relatability got real in no time.

Check it out:





We kind of feel the same.


Dear skin, is this how you repay me?


Couldn't agree more.


The struggle is real.




Oh, we all have been there, haven't we?


How though?


In some universe, this conversation is definitely happening.




Oh, mahn. Looks like lazy bums like us would need someone to do the job for us. That sure as hell sounds nice. Agreed?

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