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Kangana Ranaut to Karan Johar, comedian Cyrus Broacha gives his take on the hottest controversies

We asked the celebrated comedian to give his 'Cyrus Says' take on the most raging topics of the week inspired by his ongoing podcast show

Arpita Kala 10 April 2017, 6:20 PM
Cyrus Broacha promises gives a no-holds barred version of himself in his podcast show at MI

Cyrus Broacha promises gives a no-holds barred version of himself in his podcast show at MI Image: Facebook

Comedian Cyrus Broacha is not one to mince words and if you haven't already caught his podcast show on Indus Vox, here's a taste of what you're missing out on. Broacha went all out with the shady diva act and described the trending celebs in a nutshell, just to give a preview of the fun on his podcast, Cyrus Says.

From the Kangana Ranaut-Karan Johar spiff to false harassment allegations against AIB's Rohan Joshi and the ever-relevant Narendra Modi, the recent-podcaster give his take on the month that clearly was:

Karan Johar

KJo's stint as a television anchor for Koffee With Karan was the hottest talk of the town. But Cyrus says, "Ummm...wait...he always looks into the camera and says, 'On that note, we will take a break.' That is starting to get to me, I just wanna take his finger and bend it." Well, we won't be able to look at Koffee With Karan the same way again.

Kangana Ranaut

The podcaster isn't quite buying actor Kangana Ranaut's headline-making antics either, her most recent being her spat with KJo. "I think she's happy. The more controversy she gets, the happier she is," Cyrus says. Oooh! Burn...

Rohan Joshi

The worst collateral damage of the Arunabh Kumar sexual harassment allegations was probably comedian Rohan Joshi. One of the members of the comedy team All India Bak***d, Joshi was falsely accused of molesting a girl by an annonymous person. Though the matter was cleared up, everyone was pretty riled up. But ask Broacha about Joshi and Cyrus says, "Neighbour." No chance he's gonna take sides, LOL.

Narendra Modi

"Not neighbour," says Cyrus when hit with a NaMo googly. Well, a neighbourhood with the wittiest orators would be a place we would definitely want to be a part of. What about you guys?

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