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Comedienne Supaarwoman aka Supriya Joshi blasts fat shamers with a fabulous Twitter thread

Who decides if you are skinny enough to enjoy life? The Internet, apparently

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 11 July 2017, 6:51 PM
At least be creative about it: Supriya Joshi

At least be creative about it: Supriya Joshi Image: Instagram/ Supriya Joshi

How can you know if you look 'normal' enough to have fun and be happy? That's easy, just put yourself on the Internet, and let the world judge you. Comedienne and creative writer for All India Bakchod, Supriya Joshi, who has been relentlessly targetted as the butt of fat-shaming jokes and memes, has taken to Twitter to blast the obscene idea that being fat is a sin. So, does the Internet really get to decide how much you should weigh?

(Source: Twitter)

"Traditionally, fat women like myself have served as the punchline for almost every joke imaginable," writes Supriya on Twitter, along with a meme of her, which pokes fun at her weight. So predictable, yet such a head-turner. "For heaven's sake at least be creative about it," adds Supaarwoman aka Supriya, and we agree. If you're going to troll a talent, at least show some talent.

"Media has dictated that a body like mine is not a normal body, therefore it is hideous and demands to be made fun of," writes Supriya. "Because that's what you do with things you don't understand — you either respond with hate, or you respond by making fun of them," she adds. Unsuprisingly, fat women receive more virtual hate than fat men. But, obviously. You're a woman and you are fat? Must. Troll. Now.

"The jokes and the hate towards me will always be x100 than what a fat guy will receive. I see this every single day," writes the 31-year-old comedian. "All of which are basically saying, "Hey, how are you doing these things, you're fat, remember? Haha shut up fatty! For those saying I should lose weight because it's not healthy, Hello, you don't give a rat's a** about my health." Hear, Hear!

Interestingly, the person who shared the meme had a very interesting response to Supriya's Twitter thread. "I found you a celeb here & Our indian social media users made me learn that making fun of celebrities here is just a fun! Even people don't forget to make fun of their PM, Inspring Bachchan, Sachin, Gandhi, etc. My fault is I found you a celeb..Aren't u?" writes the Twitter user.

So, the next time you spot a 'celeb' and she/he is not skinny, apparently you should just head straight to the meme generator.

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