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Comedian Cyrus Broacha gets real about his bestie Kunal Vijaykar

From social media posts to hangouts, the comic duo faces BFF issues just like you do. Check it out

Arpita Kala 6 August 2017, 7:30 PM
Television's fave funny men Cyrus Broacha and his bestie Kunal Vijaykar give us #friendshipgoals.

Television's fave funny men Cyrus Broacha and his bestie Kunal Vijaykar give us #friendshipgoals. Image: Facebook

If comedian Cyrus Broacha and food author Kunal Vijaykar's friendship gives you major goals or even FOMO, well, there's more to that. The besties have the same issues with each other just like you and your BFF, or at least that's what Cyrus says. "Kunal is like my personal NGO, I have to take care of him," he says. So, take a cue from television's favourite funny guys to make your friendship slay too.

Social media behaviour for BFFS

Do you feel like your bestie doesn't post much about you on social media? Well, you aren't alone. Turns out, Cyrus feels it too. "Let's put it this way, he's always in my life but I'm not in his life. He hangs around my house, my family, my wife and my life. But you won't see me in his family pictures. If you want him, I'm ready to give him away," he says.

Take some time out

Cyrus and Kunal have worked together on many television shows as well as the movie Fruit And Nut, but he won't be making an appearance on Broacha's podcast show, Cyrus Says. Why? Well, here's what Cyrus says, "He won't be with me on the podcast but he's working with me on TV shows. I have to have some time alone, it's ridiculous." So, don't feel guilty about a li'l breather from bestie.

Pay no heed to haters

If you and your BFF are often mocked about being joined at the hip, you aren't alone. Let's just say, not everyone can find a best friend and you shouldn't pay heed to haters. When we asked Cyrus if he and Kunal were BFFs? He says, "Oh! we've been called worse." Oh well!

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