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Cinematographer Kunal Khanna shares ways to shoot OOTD at your bestie's wedding

Because your lehenga deserves a perfect shot!

Arpita Kala 19 May 2017, 5:36 PM
Don't forget to sneak in a few stellar photo sessions of your outfit while getting your bestie married

Don't forget to sneak in a few stellar photo sessions of your outfit while getting your bestie married Image: Kunal Khanna

Playing bridesmaid can be very taxing, what with the running to and fro from salons and making sure your BFF looks absolutely gorgeous on her D-day. But don't let the wedding festivities rob you of an Instagram-worthy shot of your outfit. Yep, all you need is to tell the camera wale babu or even a friend with a great phone camera to take a picture. Cinematographer Kunal Khanna, of White Frog productions, shares his pick of photo ideas that will do justice to your outfit:

Smile is your best accessory

Kunal Khanna

Remember when someone said happy girls are the prettiest? Well, they were right. Take inspo from this shot to take your arm-on-the-waist pose to the next level with a sunshine smile. Upload it, then sit back and watch the number of likes that come rolling in for your #ootd.

Mehendi vibes


Outdoor wedding functions are ideal to flaunt your bright-hued outfits with cool sunglasses. Bonus points if it's a mehendi ceremony. Then, a fun, modern-day vibe, such as this makes for a camera-perfect moment.

Sassy name-calling

Chill with the click squad

Grab some props and your gang to get busy. If solo #ootd is not your scene, documenting fun times and capturing your outfit in a photograph is a cool way to go.

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