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Chefs tell you how to make your McDonald burgers at home

There may be no more happy meals in your life. So, here's how to whip up your fave junk food

Arpita Kala 30 August 2017, 10:14 PM
Here's how to get a happy meal at home

Here's how to get a happy meal at home

If, like us, you have a huge, gaping hole in your heart after McDonald's departure from the city, here's help. Fill that hole with burgers just like the fast food chain. From Chicken McGrill to McAloo Tikki, try out these chef-approved hacks for your fave burgers:

Chicken McGrill by Chef Rakesh Singh, The Classroom

Chef Rakesh Singh, The Classroom,

Burger buns: 1 pair
Chicken mince: 120 gm 
Mozzarella cheese: 10 gm
Salt as per taste
Onion powder: 3 gm
Garlic powder: 3 gm
Paprika powder: 2 gm 
Cheese slice: 1
Lettuce: 5 gm
Red tomato and onion: 15 gm
Chilli and garlic mayo: 20 gm
Olive oil: 10 ml
Butter: 5 gm

Spread butter on both sides of the burger bun. Take the boneless chicken mince, add all the seasoning in to it and mix well. Then, make the mix into a round patty. Grill the patty on both sides for about 7 mins. Place it on the bun and top it with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and chilli garlic mayo. Served with potato wedges.

McAloo Tikki by Chef Varun Narang, Pier 38 Bar and Kitchen

Chef Varun Narang, Pier 38 Bar and Kitchen

3 potatoes, peeled, boiled, mashed.
1/4 tsp turmeric.
1 tsp cumin powder.
1 tsp coriander powder.
1/2 tsp garam masala powder.
salt, to taste.
1/2 tsp red chili powder.
1/4 cup mixed vegetables, boiled and mashed. (Green Peas, onion,)1/4 cup grated paneer.
1/2 tsp dried mango powder.
1/2 tsp chaat masala powder.
2 tbsp chopped coriander.
Bread crumbs for coating.
Oil for frying
Hamburger buns 2.
Mayo mixed with tabasco and ketchup - 1 tablespoon.
Onion rings - as needed.  

To make the sauce, mix tomato ketchup and tabasco in mayo. Now, take potatoes in a bowl and add all the spices, boiled vegetables, coriander and paneer. Mix it well. Use this mix to make a patty. Dip the patty in cornstarch liquid and then into the bread crumbs. Now, fry the patty in oil or just roast it with a little butter. Apply the tangy sauce on the bun and place the patty. Now, put the onion rings and tomato ring and serve the burger with mustard and tomato sauce.

Filet-O-Fish by Chef Shivanand Kain, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort


Burger buns 1 pair
Butter 10 gms
Fish fillet 2 pieces (180 gms)
Bread crumbs 50 gms
Shredded iceberg lettuce 10 gms
Tomato salsa 30 gms
Jalapeno slices 10 gms
Guacamole 30 gms
Black and green olive 1 each
French fries 75 gms
Oil for frying
Wasabi aioli 45 gms

Toast the burger buns and apply butter. Coat the fish fillet with crumbs and fry them. Place the lettuce, tomato and jalapenos on the buns and then the fried fish fillet. Top it all with guacamole and serve with wasabi aioli. 

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