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Chef Kunal Kapur gives you the perfect recipes for a Diwali party

From paan pannacotta to desi bruscheta and more, here are all the ingredients for a happening shindig

Arpita Kala 19 October 2017, 3:21 PM
Chef Kunal Kapur gives out the magic formula for some lip-smacking Diwali treats

Chef Kunal Kapur gives out the magic formula for some lip-smacking Diwali treats Image: Instagram

Cards, loads of sweets and lively conversations, if you thought that's all that you're Diwali party needs, you may be missing out an important detail — food. Yep, chips and laddoos don't count. Chef Kunal Kapur also agrees. He says, “Diwali is a time for epic parties with your friends and family. Bright lights, traditional clothes and conversations that last through the night. To keep up the spirits, you need some easy to make finger food.”

So, here are his pick of easy and yummy goodies that you can serve to your guests this evening

Nutty Caramel Tarts

Prep: 15 min  

Cook: 40 min  

Yields: 4 Servings  


For Sweet Tart-

·         Refined Flour - 2 cups  

·         Butter - 1 cup  

·         Sugar - 3/4th cup 

For the Filling-

·         Sugar - 1cup  

·         Butter -1 tbl spn  

·         Pista - 1/2th cup  

·         Cashew nuts -1/4th cup  

·         Almonds -1/4th cup  


1. Rub together flour, butter and sugar till sandy texture. Sprinkle just enough water to make into a dough. Cover with a damp cloth and keep in refrigerator for 15mins.  

2. Take out the dough and using dry flour roll out into thin sheets (approx 3mm). Place this dough over tart moulds and press gently to cover the mould. Trim the sides for a neat shape. Prick with a toothpick or a fork. Now place these moulds in a pre-heated oven at a temp of 180c for 12-15 mins. Remove and allow to cool completely.  

3. Place the nuts in a tray and light roast them in a oven for 8 mins at a temp of 150c. Remove and break them roughly.  

4. Separately place sugar in a pan and on very slow heat let it caramalise. Once the sugar is light golden remove from fire and add butter and mix quickly. Now fold in the nuts. Adding butter to sugar makes it gooey and easy to fold. Spoon this mixture into the tarts. Serve these beautiful tarts at room temp. Do not refrigerate.

Nutty Caramel Tarts
Nutty Caramel Tarts

Mushroom Khurchan on Crisp Toast

Prep: 15 min  

Cook: 10 min  

Number of Portions: 2   


Mushrooms sliced - 2 cups   

oil - 3 tbl spn

Jeera - 2 tsp  

Onion sliced - 1/2 cup  

Capsicum sliced - 1/2cup  

Tomato sliced - 1/2cup  

Tomato puree - 1/2cup  

Salt - 1/2 tsp  

Madras curry powder - 1 tbl spn  

Haldi - 1 tsp  

Pepper pwd - 1/2 tsp  

Kasoori methi pwd - 1 tsp  

Green coriander chopped - 1tbl spn  

Sliced bread or sliced French bread - 6 slices   


1. Heat oil in a pan and add jeera. When it crackles add the onions, peppers and saute it lightly. Add the mushrooms and toss. Sprinkle salt, pepper, haldi, curry powder and mix well  

2. Pour in the tomato puree and cook till the mushrooms are quite dry.  

3. Sprinkle kasoori methi and add sliced tomato and toss in fresh coriander.  

4. Toast the bread in a toaster or a tawa till dry and crisp. Cut into smaller squares and spoon out the khurchan and serve warm.

Mushroom Khurchan on Crisp Toast
Mushroom Khurchan on Crisp Toast

Paan Supari Pannacotta

Prep: 15 min  

Cook: 15 min  

Yields: 10 Servings


500 ml fresh cream  

75 ml sugar (fine grain)  

15 gm gelatin  

10 betel leaf  

1 tbsp betel nut mixture  

supari mixture  

2 tsp kewra water  

25 gm gulkand  


1. Soak gelatin with equal amount of cold water in a bowl and keep aside.  

2. Pour the cream in a pan and bring it to a boil. Remove from heat and add sugar and kewra water. Let it rest till it is turns warm.

3. In the meantime, put the betel leaf in a blender and add 2 ice cubes. Make a puree but make sure it does not turn brown.  

4. Heat the gelatin in a pan over a fire or in a microwave till it turns liq- uid. Add it to the warm cream. Add the betel leaf puree and supari.  

5. Pour the mixture in a mould of your choice and refrigerate for 2 hours. Then, demould and serve topped with some gulkand.  

6. Remember, intensity of kewra water differs from one brand to another, so use ac- cording to its strength.  

7. Gulkand is rose petals wilted in sugar. You can find it in a grocery store or paan shop. 

Paan Supari Pannacotta
 Paan Supari Pannacotta

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