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Celeb hairstylist Kanta Motwani busts common hair myths

The go-to celeb hairstylist tells you what you're doing wrong when it comes to your hair

Anannya Chatterjee 9 August 2016, 5:50 PM

Image: Thinkstock

Have you been getting it all wrong when it comes to getting the perfect hair trend, thinking that it might damage your hair? Fret not. We have Bollywood's go-to-hairstylist Kanta Motwani to sort all your worries to help you sport the right hair trend the right way this season. You can thank us later.

1. One thorough washing with the shampoo is enough to clean your hair. Repeat shampooing could strip your hair colour and leave your locks feeling dry.

2. It’s not necessary to change the brand of shampoo you’re using. Pick one shampoo brand and variant, which suits you as it will always do the trick on every use. Changing hair products messes up the PH balance of your scalp.

3. Plucking out that one grey hair strand does not lead to two more sprouting in its place. Your hair needs to be treated gently and yanking it can damage the roots, or cause infection.

4. Colouring your hair with professional products and under the supervision of a stylist will not damage your hair. The products today are gentle enough to not weaken the hair when used currently. This is essential to opt for professional treatments offered by your expert stylist.

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