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Celeb hair guru Asha Hariharan teaches you how not to go blonde like Sonakshi Sinha

Asha Hariharan tells you what you need to keep in mind before going blonde

Arpita Kala 27 July 2017, 6:46 PM
Sonakshi Sinha got trolled by netizens for her hair colour

Sonakshi Sinha got trolled by netizens for her hair colour Image: Facebook

Actor Sonakshi Sinha recently went blonde like Kareena Kapoor circa 2000. However, unlike Bebo, Sona's fans didn't quite dig her new do and, clearly, they aren't alone. Celeb hairstylist Asha Hariharan isn't too stoked about Sona's hairstyle. She says, "I think everybody in their lifespan should go blonde once. The kind of blonde that she (Sonakshi) wore doesn't work. If you look at her skin tone, she has a very typical 'Indian' skin tone and features."

The Noor star rocked a pseudo-saree outfit at a recent event that had a multi-coloured drape with a bikini blouse and a skirt. While netizens went into a tizzy criticising her outfit, Asha thinks her new hair colour is the one to blame. Take a dekko:

Here's where Sona went wrong according to Asha, "It's not wrong to wear blonde, but the amount of blonde she has worn is wrong and so is the placement. You have to have someone who will calculate how much is right and what will completely work." So, if you wanted to go blonde this season, take this as an inspo of what not to do. 



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So, discard your plans to DIY going lighter with your hair and get a good stylist to help you go blonde the right way. Asha explains, "You always have two types of products, one is the professional range, which is highly concentrated. There is a certain mechanism, how we deliver results... whether we are talking about suiting the complexion (and the like). Then, you have the hair colour that can be used at home. These have different formulations. It is important that the hair colourist is trained in a holistic manner. Just teaching you how a product works is not enough. You have to understand how a product complements a client in terms of skin colour and lifestyle."

As you saw in Sona's case, bad hair colour can make or break your entire outfit.

(With inputs by IANS)

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