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Celeb chef Ajay Chopra can't beat wife’s Yakhni pulao

Ajay Chopra is consistently the star at celeb dinners. At home, his wife takes the cake in the kitchen

Anannya Chatterjee 20 April 2016, 11:04 PM
Chef Ajay Chopra cooks up a storm for celebs

Chef Ajay Chopra cooks up a storm for celebs

Ajay Chopra might be a super celebrity chef at work, but at home he knows who's the star. The chef has no qualms in admitting that his wife cooks several dishes better than him. And when it comes to Yakhni pulao, she beats him hollow.

“My wife never cooked in the first 27 years of her life,” he recalls. But it didn't take Amrita Rebecca Chopra long to figure out the way to her husband's heart. “When we got married, she realised I am a fanatic when it comes to food,” he says, recalling how he had once thrown away a plate of palak paneer his mum made because he didn't like it. “So my wife took it as a challenge and started cooking by seeking tips from my mother,” Ajay says.

If he had to pick one dish that he savours the most, it has to be Yakhni pulao. “It's our family dish, made of lamb and rice. It's not like Kashmiri pulao at all. Amrita has nailed the recipe.” The surprises haven't stopped coming, and she continues to prove what a quick learner she is.

Currently, Ajay is making sure that his family is a part of his cookbook. And he maintains that it will definitely feature his mother, his wife and his mother-in-law, who have been his inspirations throughout.

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