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Can we launch a dog-hunt for this bawse dog from Mumbai?

The four-legged Internet celebrity has been shocking humans in the city by riding atop an auto

Arpita Kala 29 November 2017, 9:47 PM
A sighting of the dog who has become an Internet celebrity

A sighting of the dog who has become an Internet celebrity Image: Facebook/Anshuman Mishra

A Mumbai dog is taking the Internet by storm with his swag — he's is moving around the city on the roof of an auto. Yep, the latest Internet celeb will make actor Akshay Kumar's stunts pale in comparison with his mad balancing skills. It all started when radio jockey, Malishka Mendonsa, tweeted a video of this surprising sight. Take a dekko cuz this doggo is going to get you heckin' bamboozled:


Turns out this is not a one-off incident. Several other people commented on the thread about witnessing the same spectacle of the dog road-surfing on an autorickshaw in some very cool shades. While some were obviously amazed, others were rightly concerned about the dog's safety.


So far, this khatron ka khiladi has been spotted on Carter Road in Bandra and even in Andheri. Here are some shot of the bawse travelling on an auto like it is no big deal:

Mumbai dog
Image: Anshuman Mishra

So, if you want to catch a glimpse of him, you know where to head. Don't forget to share the images with us, if you manage to click this OG of road-surfing.

Mumbai dog
Image: Anshuman Mishra


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