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Brooklyn artist Sam Madhu's pop art could be the perfect stickers to shut down sanskaari trolls

So woke, so wanted

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 10 June 2017, 4:55 PM
We want this shirt

We want this shirt Image: Instagram

Sam Madhu's Instagram page is the place to be right now. Your mindless Insta-browsing now has a destination, and it is pretty Warhol-ian, tbh. Madhu's pop art is like a glass of virtual red wine at the end of a hard day. "I snort emojis," reads her Insta bio and, funnily enough, her art is perfect emoji material. Cuz her single, brown girl art and her quest to find the right black sweatshirt is super-relatable, as are her Medusa and Kali art.



Single Brown Female - "searching for a black sweatshirt in a pile of black sweatshirts"

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tru love

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my inner goddess will fuck you up

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"My inner goddess will f**k you up," she captions one of Insta posts, which has a girl staring at Goddess Kali, as she looks in the mirror. What does a single, brown girl do on weekends? Pleasure toys and chill, obviously.




Single Brown Female: Evolving Tastes

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Single Brown Female: A productive weekend

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A Parsons graduate, Madhu has sick pop art instincts and a sicker website. Her pieces don't just talk about sexuality and the millennial's despair, but livens it up. "Don't try to define me or I'll burn u with my bidi (sic)," she captions one of her creations.




a friend told me to make art that comes naturally to me. This is what comes naturally to me. i'm sorry 🙃

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just a normal gal

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Her normal gal artwork, showcasing a real body, is as stunning as her 'Tale of two ti**ies,' and commands all of this generation's attention. Because you don't have to talk to inane trolls when you can just burn them with a Thrasher sandal sticker. "All I want to do is hang with Jimi (Hendrix) and wait for the aliens," she writes. And we feel her.

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