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Bye bye air-conditioned gyms, it's time to sweat it out in the open

Try brisk walking and hiking on challenging terrains. Because gymming probably won't take you places

Suchayan Mandal 6 July 2018, 5:55 PM
Forget your treadmill for sometime. Because it's time to hit the field

Forget your treadmill for sometime. Because it's time to hit the field

From sweating it out in air-conditioned gyms to taking long and challenging hikes, physical workouts have come a long way.

With the idea of "gymming" reinventing itself, new-age fitness drills are about being innovative and giving more importance to outdoor physical activities. Working out can be fun if it isn't restricted to non-stop ambling on a treadmill.

You've probably got the drift by now. So, it's time to step out for invigorating outdoor activities to achieve your fitness goals. To make things simpler for you, T2Online caught up with Divya Himatsingka, director, SKULPT, a Kolkata-based gym, to understand the benefits of outdoor workouts.

On the need to step out of the gym...

Regular exercising, even the most satisfying routines, can gradually become drab and monotonous. Staying indoors might leave you bored and complacent. But stepping out can help you gain simple experiences and create new learning opportunities.

Improved mood and reduced depression...

Stepping out boosts mental health -- something you will never gain by working out within four walls. According to a study by Barton and Pretty, published in 2010 in a scientific research journal, outdoor exercises reduce anger and depression and improve one's mood.

Health buffs sweat it out outdoors

Health buffs sweat it out outdoors

Upping the Vitamin D levels in the body...

As we all know, exposure to direct sunlight helps manufacture more Vitamin D in our bodies. The "sunshine vitamin" acts as a mood enhancer. Even if you don't like rigorous training, brisk walking or gardening can have a good effect on your health.

The balance between indoor and outdoor...

You can shuffle between the indoor and outdoor environment, depending on your changing moods and needs. Outdoor activities such as hiking, trail running and cross-country skiing are terrific ways to improve your proprioception (the ability to sense stimuli regarding motion and equilibrium in the body).

Best of both worlds...

A well-designed package comprises both indoor and outdoor activities, which help in the overall development of an individual. The way the fitness industry is evolving, things are going to go from good to better.

Work it out in the water

Work it out in the water Image: Twitter

Is it hard to work out outdoors?

Yes, of course. Be it running or going on a hike, your body will keep encountering a changing environment. Going on different terrains can obviously be challenging.

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