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Beyonce breaks the Internet with her pregnancy photo. We may have the answer to the idea behind it

Queen Bey does nothing by halves. Here are all the deets about the new mommy-to-be

Arpita Kala 2 February 2017, 6:44 PM
Hey to Bey, the new momma on the bloc

Hey to Bey, the new momma on the bloc

Shortly after sending netizens into a tizzy, singer Beyonce is back with a brand new announcement. Bey took to her social media handles to share a gorgeous photograph to announce her pregnancy. Sorry, 'Becky with great hair,' your 15 minutes of fame is up as the singer is expecting twins with her better half, rapper Jay Z.

In fact, within just a few minutes of posting the image, 'twins' became the top trend on Twitter. Queen Bey also nudged Selena Gomez aside to cinch the title of the most-liked picture on Instagram with a whopping 6.33 million likes in less than eight hours after she posted it. Take a dekko at her announcement:



However, it seems that apart from the Queen carrying twins, the image is iconic for another reason. A long supporter of African-American community, Beyonce chose Feruary 1 to break her news. Incidentally, February is Black History Month, making it extra special. We can't help but wonder if the floral wonderland theme of her shoot is a hint that the two newborns would have flora-inspired names just like their elder sister Blue Ivy. Is the world ready for Black Rose and Purple Peony?

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