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Belfie is the new selfie: Blake Lively does it, so can you

Arpita Kala 25 May 2016, 7:35 PM
That's Blake Lively putting up a show at the Cannes red carpet. *Jaw drop*

That's Blake Lively putting up a show at the Cannes red carpet. *Jaw drop* Image: Getty

Unless you've been living under a rock or are on the wrong side of 30s or just think it's cool to not conform, you may have perfected the art of taking a selfie by now. After the world got bored of the crazy duckfaces, the attention shifted to the other more noteworthy parts of the body. Most notably the belfie (showing off your derriere) has become a controversial celeb favourite.


Siddharth Mallya
The sneaky screenshot that's flooded the interwebs


Actor Blake Lively and Siddharth Mallya have received flak on the interwebs for their belfies. While the latter has taken his down and offered some spiel about his belfie being a photoshop trick, Blake's belfie has stoically stayed put on her page.


L.A. face with an Oakland booty

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on



So, if you want to ruffle a few feathers or just play naughty with bae, here are a few tips to ace the belfie.


Lighting is the key: Kim K swears by it and Beyonce's makeup artist is making a mini fortune with his mobile cover with built-in lights that is perfect for taking selfies. So, either moon everybody and take your belfie in natural light or have a light source pointing directly at the swell of your hips for some quality belfie.

Rope in helpers: Padded underwear and contouring can be your saviours if you are not blessed with an ample derriere. Yes, contouring works like a charm if you're planning to click a raunchy belfie sans clothing. Just highlight the centre portions and use a bronzer on the outer section. Blend it well and you're all set.


Kick some butt: Lighting and extras can only refine your posterior but squats, back lunges and glute lifts are the real deal. Include these in your workout to tone and get in shape before you begin clicking.

Position yourself: Practice flattering belfie angles in your mirror. Usually, crossing your legs over the knees and a sideways pose with the head tilted are celeb-approved ways to give your butt an extra pop (we're looking at you Nicki Minaj).

Go the extra mile: If you are really committed to being an Instagram star with your belfie, then we suggest you get yourself a belfie stick. It's way more convenient than risking dropping your phone in the bathroom while taking a bomb belfie.

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