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How to pair your favourite beer with food

Ahead of International Beer Day on August 5, Chef Tushar Malkani, of a new beer joint, educates us on the ways to enjoy the right beers with the right kind of food

Anannya Chatterjee 29 July 2016, 4:35 PM
Not just burgers, beer has more companions

Not just burgers, beer has more companions Image: Thinkstock

So you're a beer lover. But you often get confused when it comes to pairing it with food. You only know beer + burgers. No sweat! We have Chef Tushar Malkani, of Kaitlyn's Beer Garden, to sort out your confusion and make your next beer session a kickass one. Chef Tushar has come up with an array of some hand-brewed and chosen beers that can be paired with cuisines from across the globe. Located in Bandra, Kaitlyn's Beer Garden is the first ever beer garden in India, with over 10 craft beers, fun beer-based cocktails and shots, beer-based desserts and even a wide array of bottled beers.

Chef Tushar Malkani
Chef Tushar Malkani

Beers such as Belgium Wit, Kolsch, Saison and Stout are his absolute favourites. Let's find out what all we can eat with these signature beers.

Belgium Wit
Kaitlyn's Pizza

Belgium Wit: Belgium wit is a classic wheat beer served with a slice of Malta orange. It is on the tangier side, so it can be paired with sweet and spicy dishes like BBQ chicken wings, Kaitlyn's pizza and stuffed zucchini.

Lasooni Chicken Tikka

Kolsch: Kolsch is a fruity flavoured beer. Hence, it is paired with spicy dishes like Peri peri chicken wings, Lasooni chicken tikka, herb crusted chicken with pesto risotto, Paneer shashlik etc.

Penne in Alfredo sauce (Image: Thinkstock)

Saison: Saison is a sweet and spicy beer. It is best paired with dishes, which are on the milder side. Like Penne in Alfredo sauce.

House fries (Image: Thinkstock)

Stout: Stout is flavoured with cream, oats and coffee. It’s a strong beer. It can be paired with continental dishes, which aren't spicy. Grilled fish with herbs and mashed potatoes, nachos or fries go really well with stout.

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