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Beat your Monday blues with blue wine. Yes, it exists and looks pretty RAD

Think wine, think blue and try picturing them together — don't be confused, blue wine is actually a thing and we can't wait to try it

Nivi Shrivastava 14 May 2018, 3:22 PM
Blue wine anyone?

Blue wine anyone? Image: INSTAGRAM

Every time someone mentions wine, we can't help but croon UB40's famous song Red, Red Wine in our heads. But maybe red wine will soon become a thing of past as a winemaker has decided to recreate the drink in a brilliant eclectic shade of blue. So cool, isn't it?

Although wine lovers might argue about the look and feel of this delish beverage, we are damn sure that a glass of blue wine would definitely make for some awesome Instagram-worthy photos.

According to the makers of the blue wine, the drink is made using a mix of red and white grapes from the vineyards. The colour blue is obtained by adding anthocyanin (a pigment present in grape skin) along with a dye called indigotine, which is extracted from plants.

Some wine lovers are clearly excited about this novel idea and can't stop raving about the blue drink on social media. Others, however, might take time to look beyond the traditional red, white and rosé wines. For us, anything that comes in a fancy bottle and tastes like wine is good enough.

As you wait to lay your hands on a bottle of blue wine, take a look at the ones that have already arrived on social media.

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