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Beat the monsoon gloom with some bright ideas — hacks to keep your fashion game on point

Don't let rains dampen your style

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 21 July 2018, 3:56 PM
Stay stylish this monsoon

Stay stylish this monsoon Image: THINKSTOCK

While most people enjoy rains in the beginning, as soon it starts raining almost every day of the month, things go out of control. To keep your inner fashionista happy, one needs to invest in smart accessories and clothing during the rainy season.

We tell you some simple ways to keep the mood peppy and stylish, and all you have to do is keep calm and use common sense. Always remember, practicality is a cool concept — even in fashion. So, keeping comfort above everything else, amp up your fashion game and beat the monsoon blues.

The shorter, the better: If you have to travel outdoors during the rainy season, opt for cropped pants and short skirts to avoid getting mud stains on your outfit. Say no to full denim pants and maxi dresses, and invest in cropped pants, Capri pants, knee-length skirts, and dresses. 

Ditch shoes, go for sandals: Forget leather footwear and opt for rain-friendly materials such as fibre, plastic or PVC. Sports shoes can be good for short drizzles, but if it's raining too much, then we suggest you keep them aside. No one likes wearing wet shoes all day and they don't dry too soon. Instead of shoes, pick up sandals or open footwear so that you don't get any foot infection.   

Invest in neon colours: Colours play a very important role in any weather. If you are stepping out on a rainy day, opt for brighter shades instead of light colours. Go for neon pinks, blue, yellow and green to lift your mood in the gloomy weather. Layer it with a transparent raincoat or a polyester windcheater to keep the clothes dry. Carry a pair of spare clothes to avoid any mishap on the way.

Waterproof bags and bag packs: When it comes to bags, try to avoid cotton and leather handbags as they can easily get spoiled in the rains. Invest in waterproof bags and bag packs to carry your everyday stuff. Go for bags with zippers to keep your gadgets, eyewear and make up dry.  

Safeguard your stylish gadgets: Gadgets are part of modern ensembles, and if you carry your mobile, headphones and fitness tracker everywhere, then make sure you waterproof them or keep them sealed in a waterproof carrier. Same goes for your laptops and other electronic items as well. Get stylish covers in quirky designs to safeguard your expensive and important gadgets.

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