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BBA or BTech, confused about what to choose before MBA? Here's help from an expert

We got career counsellor Pervin Malhotra to solve this dilemma

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 28 March 2018, 8:04 PM
BTech and then an MBA can be the mantra for a lucrative career

BTech and then an MBA can be the mantra for a lucrative career Image: Thinkstock

BTech degree holders used to hold a place of pride in Indian society before MBA emerged as the most sought-after academic course. Suddenly, top tier management schools started taking up the place of glory, where every student worth his/her salt wanted to end up at, and not so much the once-hallowed IITs. So, engineers began opting for an MBA after slogging it out in engineering schools for four long years.

But why didn't they opt for BBA in the first place? Why would they study a totally different discipline to completely change tracks later on? Isn't it logical for an MBA aspirant to study BBA? Or is the move from BTech to MBA a more rational option, more likely to bear fruits in one's career?

Confused? Don't be. We have got you covered. We spoke to career counsellor Pervin Malhotra to solve this dilemma and here's what she had to say:

Why BTech?

If you are an engineering student, it helps you in a way. It helps you reason out things in a rational way, which is a must for a student who intends to pursue MBA. The world is increasingly driven by technology, so if you have a good knowledge of the technical area, it helps you logicise things. So, if you bag a job at some technological firm after your MBA, it makes things easier. Moreover, BTech is a full-fledged professional qualification. You will most likely land up with a good job because of your BTech degree alone. 



BBA vs BTech

In case you pursue BBA, unless you make it to the topmost college, it won't add much to your credentials. At most, you might chance upon a sales job. BBA is like doing mini MBA, so it is sort of a duplication of the same course. It doesn't help you grow professionally. A BTech degree, on the other hand, helps you build your personality. Besides, you will be dabbling in two different genres, which makes you multifaceted.  

Why do students opt for BTech and not BBA?

What happens is that the ones who are generally good at science inevitably land up doing a BTech course. But by the time their course comes to a close, they realise they aren't that good with coding-decoding. It is then that an MBA degree comes to their rescue. Besides, an MBA degree offers you more money, especially if you don't end up getting a good job after BTech.



BBA isn't redundant though

BTech might be the coveted degree, but this doesn't mean your hopes of pursuing BBA need to go to the bin. A BBA degree does enhance one's business acumen. It's better than a general bachelor's degree. After pursuing BBA, one can switch their area of specialisation. One might take to journalism or any other professional course, for that matter. As opposed to that, a general bachelor's degree will never help you fetch a corporate job if you aspire to have one. So, it's always better to opt for BBA over BA. 

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