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Bangladesh gets a Trump Cafe. Wait, what?

Would you like some Trump Chopsuey? Didn't think so

T2 Online Newsdesk 14 July 2017, 5:03 PM
Donald Trump gloating at his dinner table somewhere

Donald Trump gloating at his dinner table somewhere Image: Twitter

A Bangladeshi entrepreneur has decided to use the name of Donald Trump for his coffee shop in Dhaka. Not only that, he was even ready to fight for it. We know, we can't even. Saiful Islam, the owner of the cafe, reportedly fought with authorities to convince them that the US President had nothing to do with the business.

Despite formally opening more than two months ago, Saiful said he still has to prepare a proper inauguration that would reach his expectations. "I still have some refurbishing work left. Once I complete them, I would re-launch it in a grand fashion. I would also invite (the) US Ambassador here then," said Saiful, who declares himself a Trump fan.

Trump cafe
Image courtesy: Facebook

Inside the cafe, a large cardboard image of the 'covfefe' inventor...sorry...American prez is placed at the front door. More photos of the businessman hang by the windows. Saiful said he was inspired by the Bellville Cafe, in Texas, whose owner decided to rename it Trump Cafe during the tycoon's electoral campaign. But bringing his idea to fruition was not easy. Saiful had to prove to the authorities that he was the real owner of the business.

"I had to convince them that President Trump has no direct interest in Bangladesh. They finally gave me the licence on January 17, three days before Trump took office," he said.

The Trump Cafe menu features a Trump cocktail and a green apple Trump mocktail, a drink that Saiful claimed he learned of from an uncle who worked in one of Trump's restaurants in New York. Yep. Hungry customers can eat the Trump sandwich, Trump cashew salad as well as Trump Chopsuey. 

With every dish and drink he offers, Saiful hopes to convince his customers that Trump is not a bad guy, nor anti-Muslim. "The travel ban is for citizens from troubled countries. I don't think it affects Bangladesh," said Saiful, who added that since Trump became the President, "he has not made any anti-Muslim movement".

Sure. We'll go and roll our eyes for a bit before getting back to work.

(With inputs from IANS)

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