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B-town can take a cue from Vir Das to deal with nepotism queries

What have muffins got to do with nepotism? We're glad you asked

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 8 May 2017, 10:47 PM
Vir Das knows how to deal with nepotism

Vir Das knows how to deal with nepotism Image: Twitter

Bollywood has its newest scarecrow in the word 'nepotism'. You can literally ward off any celebrity if you just mention the n-word to them once. From Karan Johar to Aamir Khan, nepotism can make any B-town star uncomfortable. But India's newest Netflix star, Vir Das, has a great idea on how to deal with nepotism questions. And we think it works like a charm.

Vir, tweeted a mock Q/A on his Twitter page last week on how to to keep your calm when asked about nepotism — and B-town can use this technique too. "Journo: Do you think Nepotism exists in Bollywood? Me: I like muffins. Journo: are you avoiding the question? Me: mmmmmm...muffins....," tweeted Vir.

Listen up B-town, whenever somebody comes up to you with a question on nepotism, use the muffin shield. Or, the doughnut shield or cupcake. Take your pick.

Vir, whose Netflix original has been unanimously applauded by critics, has been taking on hard-hitting issues, and his opinion on the nepotism issue was long overdue. So, now you know you don't need to be on anyone's side when it comes to nepotism. Just be on muffin's side.

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