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Autistic start-up founder shares the story of her daily struggles, and ours hearts are breaking

From sensitivity to bright lights to living in a world upside down which is too loud for her, Adrianna Tan's daily struggles and how masking it can be a serious risk to mental health

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 3 April 2018, 9:54 PM
Adrianna with her cute doggo

Adrianna with her cute doggo Image: Twitter/Adrianna Tan

It was just yesterday, we all celebrated World Autism Awareness Day and people in great numbers shared their contribution to the #LightItUpBlue campaign. Social media was abuzz with inspirational stories and it was hard not to be moved by them.

The developmental disoder leaves the ones affected with troubles in social interaction and communication. And the challenges they face every day are something not many can imagine.

But how is it to live in the big, conventionally 'normal' world for someone who battles autism every day? In a heart-breaking yet inspirational thread, a start-up founder Adrianna Tan shares her story. She had a meltdown on that very day, right before she penned her daily struggles.
















And you thought it was easy to overcome obstacles based on a few movies such as Barfi! or My Name Is Khan ? It's high time we all started knowing more about the disorder and have more compassion for the people along with a better understanding of their situations.

In order to raise more awareness about the same, many government bodies, nationally and internationally, are doing their part. Let's do ours, too.

And Adrianna, you are one powerful woman. More power to you!

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