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Arijit Singh takes our really random, pre-gig rapid fire

We caught him before a Mumbai performance, and he had us surprised

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 17 March 2018, 8:00 PM
T2 Interview
The man is all set to enthrall his fans in Mumbai on March 24

The man is all set to enthrall his fans in Mumbai on March 24

Meme-makers (and some of you, we're sure) believe that Arijit Singh has the power to make you miss the bae you don't even have. 

So, we got the man who tugs at your heartstrings and asked him some really random questions. Arijit got talking to T2 Online and took our rapid fire, before his performance at the Mumbai edition of the MTV India Tour on March 24.

And things got truly random, we tell you.

3 apps, without which you can’t function.

I keep experimenting with sound-based apps that offer beats, tones, etc.

5 last played songs on your playlist.

I don’t listen to songs in my free time. I practise instead of relaxing.

3 odd things that are in your pockets but shouldn’t be.

Nothing odd. Basic stuff like phone, wallet, headphones.

Websites that keep you hooked.

Travel sites!

Adda at a local tea stall or a fancy latte at Starbucks?

I love tea. Especially homemade.





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What’s that one thing you want to tell your 18-year-old self?

For a brief period when I was much younger (18 or 19), I felt I could do a better job with a song that had been sung by a particular singer. But I have now realised that it was a very childish thing to feel because ultimately the singer becomes the song and when you think about it, the chosen singer completely fits the song and makes it what it is.

If not a singer, Arijit would have been a…

A teacher. There are so many things to teach. I don’t know what I would teach, though.





Thank You Mumbai for your love and support as always ..

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Are you a gamer? What are the 3 games you love to play?

I love gaming. Love playing sport-based games.

A wacky/crazy/ interesting thing that happened during the recording of a song.

Once, Sunny (my sound engineer and, of course, a very close friend now) tricked Aditi Singh Sharma into giving us multiple takes while we played Temple Run on our phones. We kept telling her to give us one more take until she realised we weren’t paying attention. She almost stormed out. But it was all fun and games and was taken in good spirit. Temple Run was too addictive. Thank god, I’m over it.

Being lazy on a Sunday afternoon or heading out for brunch with friends/family -

Depends on my mood. Whenever I get time, I love hanging out with my children. I’ve always been a good and loyal friend to my children more than a dad.

Two things you want to tell your kids when they turn 18.

Conquer your dreams; I have your back, always. Be kind.







Three artists you want to collab with...

Norah Jones, Sting, John Legend

You're stranded on an island alone, and the only way you can come back to civilisation is if you swear to never sing again. Would you take up that option or stay back? 

I will never go to an island alone!





Recording in a studio or live performance.

For me, in studio and performing live are two completely different experiences. I like both. Performing live is like inviting people over for a house party where I can sing my heart out while people around me are joining in. When I am on stage, I make sure to interact with the audiences. Studio recording is a different experience as it is very technical.

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