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Are you ready to get a face tattoo like these millennials?

Let's face it, tattoos are everywhere

Nanda Das @nanda1das 13 July 2018, 3:55 PM
Now, that's what you call in your face

Now, that's what you call in your face Image: Instagram

How many times have you thought of getting a tattoo but stopped yourself before getting the deed done? Not for the pain while getting inked, but due to the thought of society's aunty and uncles wrinkling their noses in disapproval. Probably several times. But what if we tell you that tattoos — much like nose and ear cartilage piercings — are gradually gaining acceptance? And more importantly, people no longer feel the need to hide them underneath their outfits.

Maybe that's why face tattoos have become a trend now. And millennials are leaving no creative stone unturned to get them right. From geometric patterns to power quotes, every possible stuff can be inked on your face. 

Don't believe us? Take a look: 

Is the mere thought giving you the heebie-jeebies? Love it or hate it, they do fare high on the cool quotient. 

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