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Are you ready to bake free with Maria Goretti?

The former VJ is all set to change your mind about this hot millennial hobby

Arpita Kala 20 December 2017, 8:31 PM
Maria Goretti is all set to shatter your baking fears.

Maria Goretti is all set to shatter your baking fears. Image: Facebook

 It's no secret that Maria Goretti's first love is baking. The former VJ, author and columnist has hosted several food shows and her social media feed is a foodie's delight. 

"I remember helping my mum baking chicken or muffins often. I was never daunted by baking becuase I was always surrounded by people who baked. It's something I've grown up doing," says Maria.    

Her latest show, I Want to Bake Free, airs today on Living Foodz and is all about leaving behind your fears about baking. Maria will share her recipes and techniques that will make the more daunting aspects of baking much simpler for y'all.


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While many of us associate ovens with cakes, brownies and the likes, you can actually whip up savoury dishes too. With baking becoming a hot millennial hobby and baked goodies trending high on social media courtesy #foodporn, now is the perfect time to try your hand at this craft.

"You can actually bake everything. You don't have to be petrified of the oven. Just understand that baking takes time, a certain temperature and recipes. Don't be too experimental the first time, start small and grow from there," says Maria. What's more? Well, Maria says bakers are wonderful people all due to their craft. 

"When I started baking, I realised that you become a little slow because hurrying gets you nowhere. It's all about patience in this. I've seen people who bake have a more chilled out, relaxed demeanour, and that's when you come up with amazing dishes," she says.


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