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Camera shy? Ace cinematographer Kunal Khanna shares tips to rock your wedding shoot

Ace cinematographer Kunal Khanna shares four tricks to get the perfect clicks at weddings

Arpita Kala 9 November 2016, 6:25 PM
T2 Special
Don't forget to sneak in a few stellar photo sessions of your outfit while getting your bestie married

Don't forget to sneak in a few stellar photo sessions of your outfit while getting your bestie married Image: Kunal Khanna

So, after years of chasing down Mr Rights or getting heartbroken by Miss Right Nows, you’ve finally found ‘the one’ and are ready to begin your happily-ever-after. Great! But more than the jitters, is the thought of the wedding photographers clicking your every move making you nervous? Well, fret not. T2 Online spoke to Kunal Khanna, of White Frog Productions, who has master-minded everything from music videos for rapper Raftaar to exotic destination weddings in Dubai. He says, “The accusations that wedding photographers like to click people eating food was probably true five years ago. Now, it's a well-researched field. Couples also have a thorough idea of the kinds of shots or videos they want.”

Kunal Khanna
Kunal Khanna

And however camera-shy you may be, Khanna confirms that it’s not uncommon to feel uneasy about getting clicked. “We’ve had many instances when a couple has dated for a long time but are still uncomfortable getting clicked. Pre-wedding or test shoots are a great way to get the couple to loosen up.” So, here are some more suggestions from the cinematographer to help you capture the perfect moment:

Chill with the click squad

Image: Kunal Khanna

It’s important to have a good rapport with your photographers to get candid shots as well as to avoid feeling conscious. Khanna says, “I make sure that no matter how big the team is, they meet the couple months before, and sometimes in a café or non-workspace of their choice, so that there is a casual, friendly atmosphere to share ideas.”

Loosen up your Mister

Image: Kunal Khanna

Bridezillas, if you’re reading this, pay special attention to your hubby-to-be, especially if he’s balking at getting clicked. “What we have observed is that grooms are more shy than brides when it comes to getting photographed. There have been times when the brides-to-be have complained that their better half is a ‘shy guy’ but post-coffee sessions and a few test shots, it’s easier to work around it,” he says.

You are what you wear

Image: Kunal Khanna

If you didn’t find a reason to rock couple outfits before, here’s finally your chance. Colour-coordinated, comfortable clothes work like a dream to put one at ease. Consult your photographer to help you pick out the perfect hue for each function to get great clicks, advises Kunal.

No jaam for this shaam

Image: Kunal Khanna

“So far, cocktail parties or times when the couple has had one too many to loosen up are best for dance videos and not for great photographs. After a couple of drinks, the client usually starts ignoring the camera and becomes more camera-shy. So, we usually don’t advice people to drink just to loosen up for the shoot,” says Kunal. So, you heard the man, hold off the sauce to look your best, people.

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