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Hello Kitty fans, it's time to take that trip to Japan. And board the Hello Kitty-themed train. Choo choo!

West Japan Railway Company will begin operating a Hello Kitty-themed bullet train from June 30

Nanda Das @nanda1das 22 May 2018, 5:45 PM
Inside the Japanese Hello Kitty-themed bullet train

Inside the Japanese Hello Kitty-themed bullet train Image: Twitter

Looks like Japan has drawn some inspiration from Taiwan's Hello Kitty aircraft and has come up with Hello Kitty-themed bullet trains. The service is set to start from June 30. 

The Hello Kitty-themed shinkansen will feature a pink interior, decorated with images of the cartoon, as well as its trademark bows and ribbons.

So far, Japan has used Hello Kitty in everything — bags, cushions, hairpins, mobile accessories — and the bullet train seems to be their latest endeavour. The train, connecting Osaka and Fukuoka, will also include a Hello Kitty-themed photobooth in one car, named the Kawaii Room. This carriage will also include seats with Hello Kitty armrests, windows, floors, and headrests.

If you're thinking it's an overdose of Hello Kitty, we must tell you it doesn't end here. The railway announcement will also have a Hello Kitty theme song.

But Netizens (if you thought only women are Hello Kitty fans, think again) are quite excited to board this train.

Well, so are we! 

GIF: Giphy

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