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Anusha Dandekar or Kylie Jenner: Who rocks blonde better?

Both the stars went light recently. Take your pick of who wears it like they were born to wear blonde

Arpita Kala 8 September 2016, 4:45 PM
Anusha Dandekar goes with the trend to hit

Anusha Dandekar goes with the trend to hit Image: Fotocorp

It's always a stress for your tress when you put them through bleach ordeal. But, who cares about damage when you look like a million bucks, non? We certainly think so, and so do actor Anusha Dandekar and reality TV star Kylie Jenner. Jenner and Dandekar recently went blonde and have been getting rave reviews. In fact, Dandekar even convinced her boyfriend, actor Karan Kundra, to go blonde with her. Check out the homegirls in their new avatar and take your pick!


Anusha Dandekar





Anusha went dirty blonde with black roots, which we think is a gorgeous hue to rock if you don't want to debut lighter locks suddenly. We are also digging her brown highlights with the do. However, the brassy tones may make it a tad bit too restrictive in your wardrobe front to rock brighter hues.




A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on



Kylie Jenner


Kylie went platinum blonde with slightly grey highlights. From old school red lips to athleisure perfect nudes, we think this look is a better bet only because it doesn't cramp the outfit style.

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